School year calendar 2019-2020

In the document below you can find all the important dates throughout the school year. If you have a question concerning these dates or did not find the information you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us
21 t/m 25 oktober 2019
Autumn Holiday
30 oktober 2019
Open day for prospective parents
31 oktober 2019
Halloween in Class Celebration
4 t/m 8 november 2019
Children's book week
Fostering a love for books and reading!

That is the message for book week. There will be in class activities and a lot of reading happening. Why not spend some extra time reading with your child(ren) this week?

19 november 2019
Sinterklaas school decoration (AC)
The AC could use some helping hands!
22 november 2019
Study Day
Children have the day off
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25 november 2019
Information Evening Secondary Education (date to be confirmed)
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29 november 2019
Study Day
Children have the day off
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2 december 2019
Start Term 2
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5 december 2019
Sinterklaas In Class Celebration
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6 december 2019
Christmas decoration (AC)
20 december 2019
Christmas Breakfast
Christmas breakfast in class
20 december 2019
School ends at 12 am
23 december 2019 t/m 3 januari 2020
Christmas Holidays
14 januari 2020
Open day for prospective parents
24 januari 2020
Mid-Term Reports Hand-Out
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27 januari t/m 7 februari 2020
Parent Teacher Meetings
11 februari 2020
Parent information session

5 - 7 pm


We will start with a plenary session with a presentation from our participation council (PC). After that we will offer a few workshops on school related matters, such as second language acquisition.

17 t/m 21 februari 2020
Spring Holiday
24 februari 2020
Study Day
Childn have the day off