Leave forms

Compulsory Education assumes that you comply with the standard school holidays. Any extra holidays will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. If this is the case then the parent can request extra leave for their child for a maximum duration of 10 working days over the duration of one school year. Families wishing to take their children out of school during term time must always submit an application to the Head of School. Permission for extra leave may be granted under article 11 of the Education Act 1969.
The request must be made by the parents/guardian at least one month prior to the Head of School. If an application is not submitted in sufficient time, a decision before departure cannot be guaranteed. If your request is for important reasons other than those listed in article 11 and you were unable to give the required prior notice, you may then inform the Head of School within two days of the event coupled with the reason. The Request for Leave of Absence form can be found on the school website or is available in our office. This form must be completed and returned to the Head of School, with the exception of medical and dental appointments. In those situations the parents can notify the teacher in advance.


Leave of absence is always granted for four-year-old children, as they have not yet reached the age of compulsory schooling. Please however, notify the class teacher in advance of the absence.


The Head of School can approve leave for up to ten school days. If you want your child to have additional leave of more than ten days during the school year then you have to submit a special request to the truancy officer (“leerplichtambtenaar”). This is only granted in very exceptional cases.


Special leave can be granted on specific family occasions (e.g. marriage/anniversary of parents/very close relatives, relocation/ moving houses, funerals, serious illness of parents or relatives) and for the fulfilling of religious obligations. Leave of Absence is never granted in the first two weeks of a new school year. An extra holiday for winter sport, a second holiday, an extra weekend or a long-term visit to the family in the country of origin cannot be granted.


Here you can find our English versions of the leave form for holiday leave and special leave. If you would like to apply for leave, please download this form, fill it in and submit it to Fouzia or email it to fouziabegam@obsoptimist.nl.