Day care and after school care facilities

Optimist International School is part of a “Brede School” (community school/multifunctional school).


Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer:


Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer (SKH, Childcare Haarlemmermeer) offers pre (from 7.30 am) and after school care until 18.30 pm and daily childcare in the same building. Their groups in our neighbourhood are called Robbeneiland childcare and Hasselbraam pre and after school care (at our site). 


More information about SKH can be found on their website


Borus Kinderopvang:


Borus Childcare -100 meters away from our school building also offers these facilities.


More information about the Borus can be found on their website


Happykids hoofddorp:


Happy kids hoofddorp is located approximately 4Km away from the school in Hoofdweg 869.


More information about the Happykids can be found on their website




Staff from both Hasselbraam and Borus bring the children to their classes in the morning.


Staff from Happykids, Robbeneiland and Borus pick the children up from the school after school ends. They also provide daycare during all holidays and study days.


Children in the ages from 6 weeks upto 14 year are welcome from 7.30 am upto 6 or 6.30 pm in the Childcare.