School Fees


Optimist International School is able to offer first-class international education at a reasonable cost to families thanks for the funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education*.

School Fees:


  • The school fees for the academic year 2019-2020 from group 1 through group 7 are 4,700 euros per child.
  • A non-refundable administration fee of 200 euros per child must be paid when submitting your child’s application form (General Application for Admission). Once the required application forms, documents and administration fee have been received, the application will be processed.

  • Fees are charged annually. Parents are requested to pay the school fees within the time set on the invoice, in one, two or four instalments.

  • An initial deposit of 500 euros per student is charged upon starting at Optimist International School with your first invoice. This deposit is refundable when the student leaves the school and all obligations have been fulfilled.

*Optimist International School is a member of the Dutch International Schools organisation, all of whom are partially funded by the Dutch government. Since this funding doesn’t cover all costs, Dutch International Schools are allowed to charge school fees, within a pre-agreed range, with permission from the Dutch Ministry of Education.


Below you can find the school fees policy 2019-2020.