Welcome to Optimist International School


Welcome to our school!

We are a public school situated in a beautiful open building in Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeer, metropolitan region Amsterdam, where we house both an international and Dutch department. 




At the moment we have availability in all groups. 


Are you curious about our school? We invite you to make an appointment for an acquaintance and to give you a tour of the school. We are happy to discuss possibilities of both our international and Dutch department with you (depending on your plans in the future).


To give you an impression of our school, Jenoah, Akshit, Anushka, Lara and Lorelei made a small movie together with Renencia, one of our trainees. 



Noord Holland TV made a movie during our opening ceremony on the 11th of April 2018, which gives an impression of Optimist International School.

                                "Bringing out your inner magic!"



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Diwali Celebrations
13 nov 2018 - Happy Diwali! This week the children have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali by making clay lamps and rangoli patterns with the Creative Arts Coordinators, Miss Carrie and Miss Jenny. The children also celebrated Diwali with their class teachers and friends by sharing food and dancing together. We'd like to congratulate the children on their beautiful creations and thank the parents who came to participate. How wonderful to see multiculturalism come to life within our school! We have certainly enjoyed learning more about the festival of light from our students. 


You can find a lot of beautiful pictures of our Diwali celebrations here

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End Feast Party-2018
19 jul 2018 - We can look back on a great final chord of this lustrum year: the Final Party was great. A lot of children and their parents enjoyed the games, the delicious food and the great atmosphere through the beautiful weather.


You can find a lot of beautiful pictures of our End year feast party here


You can find a lot of short film of our End year feast party here




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School trip 14 and 15 June
15 jun 2018 - We can look back on a very successful school trip. The kids enjoyed themselves learning and playing in the forest, dunes and at the beach in Noordwijk.


You can find a lot of beautiful pictures of our school trip here



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Group 3 children have been learning about food and where it comes from
13 jun 2018 - The International Group 3 children have been learning about food and where it comes from. They have made discoveries such as how many sugar cubes are in a glass of milk. Today the children made fresh fruit smoothies and invited their parents/guardians to school to taste them. The parents also took part in a pop quiz! 


Here you can see all of our photo's.