25 januari 2018

The youth sport pass

The youth sport pass is an initiative by Team Sportservice, which supports schools and sport associations, and a lot of sport associations in the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The youth sport pass makes it possible for children to discover different types of sports. With this sports pass children are able to try all sorts of sports, in a sports hall, a swimming pool, out on the field, individually or as a part of a team. After a couple of introductory lessons (approx. 4) you can decide whether or not you want to become a member of a specific sport association. There are no obligations.



The youth sport pass
The youth sport pass has it’s own website where you can register and pay. You can pay just before the introductory lessons start. The fee is € 11,- for four lessons.


The school year is divided in 5 blocks. For 2018 there still is a possibility to register for 2 blocks:

Block 4: 10-03-2018 / 14-04-2018 registration possible until 27th of February

Block 5: 12-05-2018 / 30-06-2018 registration possible until 1st of May


You can register for the first time through this link

After that, from then on you can always login through this link and register for introductory lessons for a specific sport.





The possibilities for block 4 you can find here

The possibilities for block 5 you can find here 


Unfortunately the website is only in Dutch. For more information (or explanation in English) you can contact: Sportservice Haarlemmermeer, 023-557 59 37,