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Opening International School

11 april 2018 - Today we celebrated the opening of Optimist International school with the children, parents, the team and other people involved. Alderman Nederstigt revealed the sign on which the children expressed how they feel at our school. 


Noord Holland TV made a movie of this event.

PE lesson in the gym

10 april 2018 - Children of the Dutch and the international department are collaborating during their PE lesson today

Mission to Mars (IPC group 6/7)

10 april 2018 - Emma, Lenka and Annushka started a new IPC unit "mission to Mars" with Miss Désirée and Miss Tanya including an astronauts training.

Optimist International School official opening ceremony Wednesday the 11th of April

Optimist International School official opening ceremony Wednesday the 11th of April

31 maart 2018 - In the morning of January 8, 25 children were standing in front of the door for their first day in our new international school! Optimist International School is already up and running for almost 3 months and it’s going very well. On both international ánd Dutch side. Not only the children of the international department are happy, also the Dutch children and parents are sharing positive feedback.


Therefore it’s time to officially celebrate the ‘cross-pollination’ of having two departments and a diversity of (international) children in one school building on Wednesday the 11th of April from 1 - 3 pm, Deltaweg 109, Hoofddorp.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

29 maart 2018 - Today we started our day with a nice breakfast together. We wish you a happy Easter and look forward to see you back on Wednesday the 4th of April.


Here you can find photo's.

Optimist got talent 2018

Optimist got talent 2018

24 maart 2018 - Tuesday the 20th of March we celebrated our second Optimist's got talent'. A large number of children had enrolled, from both the Dutch and international department, including a number of teachers


In this video you can see a summary of our talents: dancing, singing, playing of instruments and doing gymnastics. 


Here you can find photo's of this evening. 



School Soccer tournament

School Soccer tournament

21 maart 2018 - The boys of the groups 3 and 4 of Dutch and international department joined the school soccer tournament at S.V. Overbos in Hoofddorp. 


From the international school Gabriel, Mohammad and Dima participated and the father of Gabriel was the coach of this team.


Here you can find more photo's.

Open day Wednesday March 21th

Open day Wednesday March 21th

18 maart 2018 - Wednesday morning, the 21th of March we will open our doors for new parents who are interested in our school. 


At 9 am and at 10 am our head of school, Remco Brandt, will give a presentation about our school. After that parents and children of the school will show parents around.


Music - singing lessons

16 maart 2018 - 

Specialized teachers in music from Pier K provide music and singing lessons at our school. Our groups 3 and 4 enjoyed these singing lessons. They also practised with the Boomwackers, a simple way to learn to play an instrument... together with the Dutch groups! 

Split of group 1 and 2

Split of group 1 and 2

12 maart 2018 - From our start in January we have had a combination group 1/2. This week we split those groups, since the number of children is increasing. We ended our IPC unit Brainwave


Group 1 started with their first unit of the Early Years Curriculum (IEYC): The World Around Us, through which children will be exploring our environment and develop knowledge and understanding beyond that related to their own nationality and identity. In every unit of IEYC also personal goals and goals of international mindedness are included, for example adaptability, communication, enquiry and respect. Besides that we have language and math activities.


Group 2 started with their second unit of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC): the Olympics. Here you can find photo's.

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