Welcome to Optimist International School


Welcome to our school!


We are a public school situated in a beautiful open building in Hoofddorp, Floriande, metropolitan region Amsterdam, where we bring out the inner magic of our children. We house both a Dutch and international department.


At the moment we have (limited) availibility in all groups. 


Are you curious about our school? We invite you to make an appointment and give you a tour of the school. We are happy to discuss possibilities of both our international and Dutch department with you (depending on your plans in the future).


“If you see something good, make a compliment. If you see something wrong, offer your assistance.” (Mandela)



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Opening International School with the entire school
16 jan 2018 - Today we celebrated the opening of Optimist International School. Our choir 'Waanzinnig optimistisch (extremely optimistic)' performed the song 'Try everything' of Shakira. Students of De Optimist made flags for our new international students in the colours of their country of origin. Those were handed over by the students.


On the 28th of March there will be an official opening of the international school.


In this photo album you can see more photo's of this gathering.

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Start of Optimist International School - first schoolday
08 jan 2018 - Today we have welcomed our first students of Optimist International School. Everyone was really excited to start. Wednesday we will have a gathering with the whole school to celebrate the opening of Optimist International School and welcome our new students.



More photos first schoolday